5 Things Everyone Should Know About Botox

If you are just beginning to look for treatments that can help you combat signs of aging, like lines and wrinkles on the face, it is likely that Botox is one of the treatments you’ve discovered. Widely used and incredibly popular, it is a drug that is injected into the skin where it will soon help to smooth the surface. However much we might think we know about Botox, we’d like to address five key things everyone should know about Botox, and which may be a surprise to learn.

  1. It can prevent wrinkles – The relaxing properties of Botox prevent you from making those ongoing expressions that eventually force the skin to create new lines and wrinkles. Though used to smooth existing issues, it can stop new wrinkles before they begin
  2. It doesn’t lift – This is one of the more important things everyone should know about Botox. It is considered a cosmetic treatment, and that makes many people wrongly believe that it is like a facelift…it isn’t. It relaxes the muscles of the face and doesn’t fill or lift. To do that requires fillers or an actual, surgical facelift.
  3. It is not instant – Too often, modern consumers believe everything offers an instant remedy, response or fix. This is another of the most significant things everyone should know about Botox – it takes about 14 days to reach its fullest effect. Once it does reach maximum effectiveness, it can remain active for three or four months before you will need to repeat the treatment.
  4. It is more than cosmetic – This is another of the interesting and important things everyone should know about Botox. It is approved for use with issues like migraine headache, extreme or excessive sweating conditions, bladder or bowel issues, and more. In fact, musical star John Mayer was treated with Botox to remedy is vocal chords after they became inflamed.
  5. Prep is a big deal – Many people who wish to have Botox treatments do not know the importance of preparing for it. Experts say that you should stop any fish oil or vitamin E regimens two weeks prior to treatment as well as eliminating aspirin from the body, as these can all cause bruising.

These are some lesser known facts about Botox, and we hope they have addressed some questions or concerns you might have had about this effective treatment.

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